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   17250 W. Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades and 2510 Main St., Santa Monica, CA                 


We are connected.
          - Jules Seeman

“We are connected.” Jules Seeman* in his address to the American Psychological Association on accepting the Carl Rogers Award in 2002.    Photo by Jane High,Ed.D. ©2014

Psychological Well-Being and the Ability to Connect

            Jules Seeman's research indicated that the ability to connect and communicate are “psychological nutrition fully as important to our psychological being as food is to our biological being.” Learning how to hear our own signals and the world’s helps us to relate, to feel connected, and to function more effectively. And that's where therapy begins.  

         I put my clients' experience at the center of our therapy, and our trying to hear and understand your experience is the entry, the gateway, to our process and exploration. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field, training in relational, psychoanalytic, and humanistic approaches, and a background in cross-cultural, gender, feminist, and systems perspectives. I am committed to helping individuals and communities achieve their “best selves,” and eliminating barriers to self-development. I will work, and play, collaboratively with you to discover the most useful path for our therapy process.

          My practice provides individual, couple, group, and family therapy, as well as  telehealth services.  Read more about my background, specialties and approach in “About Me.”


Both grief and traumatic experience are areas of my specialization.  While there are commonalities across grief experience, I believe that every grief is unique, as is every individual, and the experience of grief and trauma do not necessarily follow a linear course. Read more about my specialties and my approach in understanding grief in

About Me” and "Grief and Loss" for links to book excerpts, 

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Special Areas of Focus:


Traumatic Experience

Depression and Anxiety

Grief and Loss


Relationship Difficulties


Personal and Creative


Individual, Group, Family,

     and Couples Therapy



Consultation and Workshops

The possibility of flow:


able to hold memory and continuity

with the past,


yet Present

and available for


continually experiencing the flux of

ongoing life.

“Zen Turtle"    Photo by Jane High,Ed.D. ©2014
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